Mission Statement

Kupu Tauāki

“To develop free human beings who are able, of themselves to impart purpose and direction in their lives.”

Rudolf Steiner


Ngã Uara

Our school culture is based on the core values of truth, beauty and goodness and providing an environment in which all students and staff can develop a strong sense of personal well-being and growth



To provide high quality Waldorf Education based on the pedagogical indication of Rudolf Steiner in the Waikato Region of New Zealand

To ensure that the child is at the center of all our education efforts

To educate the whole child through the Head, Heart and Hand (Thinking, Feeling and Willing)

“In thinking, clarity
In feeling, inwardness
In will, perseverance”
Rudolf Steiner

To enquire into the gifts and potential available in each child and to nurture and develop these

To care for and nurture our children in the community context in which they grow up, and to prepare them for the tasks facing them in the modern world

To continue to build a workplace that values the growth, development and well-being of it’s staff

To provide opportunities for parent/community engagement and enrichment

To build financial resilience and capacity for growth



Ngã Mãtãpono

“Receive the child in Reverence,
Educate the child in Love,
Let each go forth in Freedom.”

Rudolf Steiner

  • To provide a curriculum and sustainable environment that prepares children for life-long learning through doing and making. Learning from life and building a love for learning whatever path they choose
  • To provide a curriculum based on Rudolf Steiner’s pedagogical model of child development; which is unhurried and age appropriate, interconnected and inspires a reverence for all life, including nature, society and the larger world
  • To develop pupil’s intellectual, artistic, communication and practical skills in an integrated and holistic manner
  • To cultivate healthy and respectful relationships
  • To embrace inclusion through a curriculum that is culturally responsive, non-sexist and non-discriminatory
  • To foster community engagement through and environment that connects learner with families, whanau and communities

Mãori Dimensions & Cultural Diversity

  • We acknowledge the principles of Te Tiriti O Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi) in policy development and through a curriculum that acknowledges bi-cultural foundation of Aotearoa NZ
  • We provide instruction in and build staff knowledge around tikanga Mãori and Te Reo Mãori
  • We provide opportunities for our students, staff and community to share their culture and heritage openly within the school
  • We explore traditions and values of other cultures through curriculum contexts
  • We develop student’s appreciation and respect for others, through the school values
  • We respect cultural diversity by including our students varying cultures within the curriculum
  • We foster partnerships with our community by using consultative processes

Special Character

Tohu Motuhake


Waikato Waldorf School is a special character school that is guided by the education philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Our approach is characterized by it’s focus on the well-being of the whole child – emotionally, physically and cognitively. All learning experiences occur in harmony with the child’s developmental need in an endeavor to allow the individuality of each child to reach its full potential


Student learning is supported through the special character of the school. The Waldorf curriculum supports all areas of child development, not only academic in Reading, Writing and Math. Whilst academic achievements are measurable, there are many other less tangible educational and developmental achievements that foster a ‘joy of being’ and a ‘love of learning’

The curriculum is integrated, inter-disciplinary and artistic, thus imagination and creativity which are most important for the individual as well as for society are awakened and developed.


Our school’s learning environments present a deliberate aesthetic and spatial design that is characterized by natural materials, shapes and contours that promote a sense of calm and peacefulness. This grounds the child and provides a stimulating environment for expressive, imaginative, inventive, physical and intellectual exploration. As a school, we are engaged in the human endeavor of contributing to the future of our society through ensuring the best possible upbringing for our children to achieve clarity of though, sensitivity of feeling and strength of will