Affiliations Providing Valued Connections

Waikato Waldorf School thanks the featured organisations for their quality information and support and celebrates our collective achievements

These affiliations allow the children to experience greater opportunities and reach further

Affiliations extend beyond the classroom and mainstream schooling to help us teach the whole child, a holistic approach

Steiner Education Aotearoa

New Zealand

the umbrella organisation for all the schools, early childhood centers and training institutions that embrace the Steiner/Waldorf approach to Education

Waikato Waldorf School uses Steiner Education Aotearoa for guidance in

Kindergarten, Full Primary and High School

Steiner Education Aotearoa NZ

Eviroschools Green Gold Award

children lead projects that enhance the environment and the children’s understanding of nature

Find out about our journey so far:

Waikato Waldorf the journey to green gold

Learn about Eviroschools:

Certified Organic

Organic Farm NZ Certified

undergoing conversion to obtain Full Organic Certification

A Waikato Waldorf community-wide initiative involving all the education facilities and the Community Garden

The Community Garden grows produce for farmers markets and school events like the Mediaeval Carnival

Learn about certification:

Sport Waikato

Sport Waikato

Helping our children keep active and fit

Duke Of Edinburgh's International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Licence to deliver programs where young people achieve in:

 Service  Physical Recreation   Skills  Adventurous Journey  Residential Project (Gold level only)

These programs are for the Waikato Waldorf High School

students 14 years and older