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The three stages of child development

– what is the Steiner model of development?  Stages of child development

Using natural materials

– why do we use natural materials?  Using natural materials

Using stories Stories in Waldorf Education

– why do we teach using stories in the lower school?  Stories in Waldorf Education

Working with rhythm

– what does working with rhythm and routine mean?  Working with rhythm and routine

100 Faces of Waldorf

– a series of quotes and interviews about Waldorf Education

Our Digital Technology curriculum

– what does our DT curriculum look like?  Digital Technology

Main Lessons

– what are the Main Lessons and why do we do them?  Main lessons

Classroom colour

– why are the classrooms painted different colours?  Classroom colour

Learning to knit

– why do we teach children to knit?  Learning to knit

Now we are six 

– a little film about starting school later and the importance of play in children’s early year.